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Here is a list of all movies by American actress Rosabell Laurenti Sellers.

Rosabell Laurenti Sellers embodies the epitome of versatility in the realm of acting, effortlessly transitioning between vastly different roles with grace and authenticity. From the enchanting landscapes of Centopia in "Mia and Me," where she breathes life into the titular character Mia, to the treacherous intrigues of the Seven Kingdoms in "Game of Thrones," where she mesmerizes audiences as the cunning and lethal Tyene Sand, Sellers captivates viewers with her magnetic presence and undeniable talent.

In "Mia and Me," Sellers brings warmth, courage, and determination to her portrayal of Mia, a young girl who discovers a magical world where she transforms into an elf to save the unicorns and protect the balance of nature. Her voice imbues Mia with a sense of wonder and resilience, making her a beloved figure among children and adults alike.

Contrastingly, as Tyene Sand in "Game of Thrones," Sellers delves into the complexities of power, manipulation, and vengeance. With a captivating blend of seduction and ruthlessness, she navigates the dangerous political landscape of Westeros, leaving an indelible mark on the iconic series. Her portrayal of Tyene Sand is both captivating and chilling, showcasing her ability to embody multifaceted characters with depth and nuance.

Through her diverse roles, Rosabell Laurenti Sellers continues to showcase her immense talent and versatility, earning her a place among the most captivating and accomplished actresses of her generation. Whether she's whisking audiences away to fantastical realms or navigating the brutal realities of a fictional kingdom, Sellers's performances are always imbued with a rare authenticity and undeniable charisma, leaving an enduring impression on all who have the pleasure of watching her work.



Rosabell Laurenti Sellers All Movies List

Year Title Role
2009 Many Kisses Later Barbra
2010 Cocapop Young Laura
2010 The Whistleblower Erin
2011 Women vs. Men Flavia
2011 Loon Lake Rosy
2011 This Property Is Condemned Unknown
2012 Balancing Act Camilla
2013 Buongiorno papà Layla Brighi
2013 A Liberal Passion Angelica
2014 The Dinner Benedetta
2019 Trading Paint Cindy
2024 What About Love Young Girl


Year Title Role
1999 A Wheel in Time Unknown
2006 E poi c'è Filippo Unknown
2007 L'amore e la guerra Anita
2008 Fuga per la libertà – L'aviatore Nicoletta
2008 Coco Chanel Coco Chanel (12 years old)
2009 Medicina generale Rebecca
2009 Mi ricordo Anna Frank Anne Frank
2010 Paura di amare Carlotta Loi
2011 Agata e Ulisse Milla
2011 Cenerentola Aurora (13 years old)
2011–2015 Mia and Me Mia Marconi
2012–2013 Una grande famiglia Valentina Rengoni
Wild Kratts Matrioshika Girl
2015–2017 Game of Thrones Tyene Sand
2020 Spides Nora Berger
2022 Willow Lili
2023 The Swarm Alicia Delaware



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