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Here is a list of all movies by American actor Richard Roundtree.

Richard Arnold Roundtree, born on July 9, 1942, in New Rochelle, New York, left an indelible mark on the world of American cinema as a trailblazing actor. He was a prominent figure during the era of blaxploitation films, best known for his iconic portrayal of private detective John Shaft in the 1971 classic "Shaft" and its subsequent sequels. Considered the "first Black action hero," Roundtree's impact on the film industry extended beyond his performances. His bold and charismatic portrayal of Shaft broke stereotypes and paved the way for African American actors to take on leading roles in Hollywood. Before Shaft, Black men in films were often depicted as mild-mannered or subservient, but Roundtree's Shaft challenged these stereotypes and presented a strong, confident, and heroic Black protagonist. Roundtree's journey into the world of entertainment began in New Rochelle, where he attended high school before graduating in 1961. He later enrolled at Southern Illinois University but decided to leave college in 1963 to pursue his passion for acting.

His professional career started in 1963 when he became a model for the Ebony Fashion Fair, showcasing a range of products from hair grease to cigarettes. His breakthrough into acting came with his portrayal of boxer Jack Johnson in the Negro Ensemble Company's production of "The Great White Hope."In 1971, Roundtree made his mark on the big screen as John Shaft in the film "Shaft," launching him into stardom. He reprised this role in several sequels, including "Shaft's Big Score!" (1972) and "Shaft in Africa" (1973), as well as in the eponymous television series that aired from 1973 to 1974. Despite the challenges faced by Black actors in Hollywood, Roundtree continued to break barriers. His contributions extended to television, where he appeared in significant shows like "Roots," "Generations," and "Desperate Housewives."In the 1990s, Roundtree faced a period of mixed critical reception for his film projects, but he found success in stage plays. He continued to make notable television appearances in series such as "Beverly Hills, 90210," "The Closer," and "Heroes."

His personal life included two marriages and divorces, with a total of five children. In 1993, Roundtree confronted health challenges when he was diagnosed with breast cancer, undergoing a double mastectomy and chemotherapy. Richard Roundtree's last years were filled with a variety of roles, including appearances in "What Men Want" (2019) and reprising his iconic character in the 2019 sequel to "Shaft." He also had a recurring role in the series "Family Reunion."

On October 24, 2023, at the age of 81, Richard Roundtree passed away at his Los Angeles home due to pancreatic cancer. His legacy endures not only as an actor but as a pioneer who transformed the landscape of Black representation in cinema. Roundtree's contributions will be remembered for generations to come, marking him as a true trailblazer in the world of film and television.


Richard Roundtree All Movies List

Year Title Role
1970 What Do You Say to a Naked Lady? Interracial Couple
1971 Shaft John Shaft
1972 Embassy Richard "Dick" Shannon
Shaft's Big Score! John Shaft
1973 Charley One-Eye The Black Man
Shaft in Africa John Shaft
1974 Earthquake Miles Quade
1975 Man Friday Friday
Diamonds Archie
1979 Escape to Athena Nat Judson
Portrait of a Hitman "Coco" Morrell
Game for Vultures Gideon Marunga
Day of the Assassin Fessler
1980 Gypsy Angels Dr. Carlson
1981 Inchon Sergeant Augustus Henderson
An Eye for an Eye Captain Stevens
1982 Q Sgt. Powell
One Down, Two to Go Ralph
1983 Young Warriors Sergeant John Austin
The Big Score Gordon
1984 Killpoint Agent Bill Bryant
City Heat Dehl Swift
1986 Opposing Force Stafford
Jocks Chip Williams
1988 Maniac Cop Commissioner Pike
Party Line Captain Barnes
Angel III: The Final Chapter Lieutenant Doniger
1989 Miami Cops Gamble
Getting Even Dundee
Night Visitor Captain Crane
Crack House Lieutenant Johnson
The Banker Lloyd
1990 Bad Jim July
1991 A Time to Die Captain Ralph Phipps
1992 Bloodfist III: Forced to Fight Samuel Stark
1993 Body of Influence Harry Reams
Sins of the Night Les
Deadly Rivals Agent Peterson
Amityville: A New Generation Pauli
Mind Twister Frank Webb
1995 Ballistic Harold
Se7en District Attorney Martin Talbot
Once Upon a Time...When We Were Colored Cleve
Theodore Rex Commissioner Lynch
1996 Original Gangstas "Slick"
1997 George of the Jungle Kwame
Steel Uncle Joe
2000 Shaft Uncle John Shaft
2001 Antitrust Lyle Barton
Hawaiian Gardens M.O.
Corky Romano Howard Shuster
2002 Capone's Boys "Boom-Boom"
Boat Trip Malcolm
2003 Men Cry in the Dark Derrick's father
2004 Max Havoc: Curse of the Dragon Tahsi
2005 Brick Assistant Vice President Trueman
2006 Wild Seven Lee Marvin / Cleetus Woods
2007 All the Days Before Tomorrow El Doctor
Vegas Vampires Rick Apping
2008 Speed Racer Ben Burns
2009 Set Apart J.T.
2010 The Confidant Claude
2012 The Trial of Ben Barry Ben Barry
This Bitter Earth Grady
2015 Collar Reverend Alonzo Sparks
2018 Duke J.T.
2019 What Men Want Skip
Shaft John Shaft I
2020 Haunting of the Mary Celeste Tulls
2022 Moving On Ralph
TBA Thelma  


Year Title Role
1972 Parachute to Paradise  
1972–1976 The Hollywood Squares Himself (Panelist)
1973 Firehouse Shelly Forsythe
1973–1974 Shaft John Shaft
1974 The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast Himself
1976 Freedom Is  
1977 Roots Sam Bennett
1980 The Love Boat Dave Wilbur
Miss Universe Pageant Himself (Judge)
1981 CHiPs Sergeant Aikens
1983 Magnum, P.I. Peter Jordan
Masquerade Willy "Mean Willy" Walters
Just an Overnight Guest Matt
1984 The Baron and the Kid 'Frosty'
1985 A.D. Serpenius
Hollywood Beat Don Julian
1986 The Fifth Missile Commander Frederick Bryce
1986 Ebony/Jet Showcase Himself
1986–1987 Outlaws Isaiah "Ice" McAdams
1987 The New Hollywood Squares Himself (Panelist)
1988 ABC Afterschool Specials Jason Ruigh
Cadets Sergeant Matt Gideon
Murder, She Wrote Major Kevin Cooper
1989 A Different World Clinton Reese
Amen Sergeant Burke
Beauty and the Beast Cleon Manning
1989–1991 Generations Dr. Daniel Reubens
1990 21 Jump Street Ben Halley
MacGyver R.T. Hines
1990–1996 The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Dr. Mumford / Reverend Gordon Sims
1991 The Young Riders Calvin
Beverly Hills, 90210 Robinson Ashe Jr.
1991–1994 Roc Russell Emerson
1992 Hearts Are Wild Xavier Burns
Christmas in Connecticut Prescotf
L.A. Law Judge Ira Menday
1992–1994 Hangin' with Mr. Cooper Sergeant / Chester Cooper
1993 Bonanza: The Return Jacob Briscoe
Moscacieca Gray
1994 Black Heart Rodney "Rod"
Shadows of Desire "Dunc"
Renegade Gene Collins
1995 Bonanza: Under Attack Jacob
The Wayans Bros. Dr. Saunders
Dream On Dr. Charles
1996 Touched by an Angel Murray
Buddies Henry Carlisle
1997 Any Place But Home Gil Oberman
Profiler Detective James Henegar
1997–98 413 Hope St. Phil Thomas
1998 Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Jim "Barracuda Jim" Barnes
1999 Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years Booker T. Washington
Rescue 77 Captain Durfee
Linc's Jake
2000–2001 Soul Food Hardy Lester
2001 Resurrection Blvd. Nate Khane
2002 Joe and Max Jack Blackburn
2002–2003 As the World Turns Oliver Travers
2003 1-800-Missing Sam Haslett
2003–2004 Alias Brill
2004–2005 Desperate Housewives Mr. Shaw
2005 The Closer Colonel D.B. Walter
Painkiller Jane Colonel Watts
2006 Blade: The Series Robert Brooks
Grey's Anatomy Donald Burke
Close to Home Cyrus Cater
2006–2007 Heroes Charles Deveaux
2007 Final Approach Gary Markash
Point of Entry Detective Miles Porter
2007–2009 Lincoln Heights Coleman Bradshaw
2008 Ladies of the House Stan
2009 Knight Rider Lawrence Rival
2009–2011 Diary of a Single Mom Lou Bailey
2009 Meet the Browns Frank
2011 The Mentalist Floyd Benton
2012 Private Practice Raymond McCray
2013–2019 Being Mary Jane Paul Patterson Sr.
2015 Chicago Fire Wallace Boden Sr.
The Player Judge Samuel Letts
2017–2018 Star Charles Floyd
2018 Lethal Weapon Don Bennett
2019–2022 Family Reunion Jebediah McKellen
2022 Cherish the Day Mandeville "MV" St. James


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