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List of Jaafar Jackson Movies

Team Anfotimes 15 Mar 2024 06:09 pm
Here is the list of all movies by American actor Jaafar Jackson.

Jaafar Jeremiah Jackson, born on July 25, 1996, is a multi-talented American singer, dancer, and actor with an impressive lineage in the music industry. As the son of Jermaine Jackson and Alejandra Genevieve, and the nephew of legendary artists Michael and Janet Jackson, Jaafar Jackson has inherited a passion for music and performance.

Jackson has made notable appearances in music videos and was featured in The Jacksons: Next Generation, showcasing his talent and charisma on screen. In 2019, he took a significant step in his music career by releasing his debut single "Got Me Singing," which received positive feedback from fans and critics alike.

One of Jackson's upcoming projects that has garnered attention is his film debut, where he will portray his uncle, Michael Jackson, in the upcoming film "Michael." This role not only highlights his acting skills but also pays tribute to his iconic uncle's legacy in the music industry.

With his impressive talent, musical heritage, and dedication to his craft, Jaafar Jeremiah Jackson is poised to make a lasting impact in the entertainment world, carrying on the legacy of his family while carving out his own path as a versatile and dynamic artist.



Jaafar Jackson All Movies List

Year Title Role
2025 Michael  Michael Jackson



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