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List of Eriq La Salle Movies

Team Anfotimes 11 Jan 2024 07:07 pm
Here is a list of all movies by American actor Eriq La Salle.

Eriq La Salle, a multifaceted American talent born on July 23, 1962, has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry through his remarkable contributions as an actor, director, writer, and producer. Emerging onto the scene with his standout performance in the 1988 film "Coming to America," La Salle quickly gained recognition for his on-screen charisma and acting prowess. However, it was his role as Dr. Peter Benton in the iconic NBC medical drama series "ER" that catapulted him into the forefront of television stardom. The portrayal of Dr. Benton was not just a career-defining moment for La Salle but also a transformative experience for the character itself. Through his nuanced acting, he brought depth and authenticity to the role, portraying a dedicated and sometimes complex physician navigating the challenges of the medical field. The character resonated with audiences, and La Salle's performance earned him not only critical acclaim but also a string of prestigious awards.

During his tenure on "ER" from 1994 to 2002 and his return in 2008–2009, La Salle's Dr. Benton became synonymous with the show's success. The character's journey, marked by personal and professional challenges, showcased La Salle's ability to portray complex emotions and situations. His work on the series garnered him three NAACP Image Awards, underlining his impact as a talented African American actor in the television landscape. Beyond his acting accolades, Eriq La Salle's foray into directing, writing, and producing has further solidified his reputation as a versatile and influential figure in the entertainment industry. His directorial ventures have displayed a keen understanding of storytelling, and his work behind the camera has been met with critical acclaim. In addition to his success in television, La Salle has explored various genres and platforms, showcasing his commitment to pushing artistic boundaries.

As a writer, La Salle has not shied away from addressing socially relevant themes. His storytelling often reflects a deep understanding of the human condition, tackling issues that resonate with a broad audience. This commitment to meaningful narratives has further enriched his contributions to the industry. In the realm of production, La Salle's involvement in bringing diverse stories to the forefront has been commendable. Through his production company, he has championed projects that highlight underrepresented voices and perspectives. This commitment to inclusivity and diversity has not only shaped his career but also contributed to a more inclusive landscape within the entertainment industry.

As we reflect on Eriq La Salle's extensive career, it becomes evident that his impact reaches far beyond the characters he has portrayed on screen. He stands as a trailblazer, breaking barriers and paving the way for future generations of actors and creators. Whether in front of the camera, behind it, or through his written words, La Salle's influence is felt in the nuanced stories he chooses to tell and the doors he continues to open for others.

In conclusion, Eriq La Salle's journey in the entertainment industry is a testament to his talent, versatility, and commitment to meaningful storytelling. From his breakthrough role in "Coming to America" to his iconic portrayal of Dr. Benton in "ER" and his ventures as a director, writer, and producer, La Salle remains a respected and influential figure, leaving an enduring legacy in the world of entertainment.



Eriq La Salle All Movies List

Year Title Role
1985 Rappin' Ice
Cut and Run Fargas
Out of the Darkness Bobby
1986 Where Are the Children? Deputy Bernie Miles
1987 Five Corners Samuel Kemp
1988 What Price Victory Trumayne James
Coming to America Darryl Jenks
1989 Magic Moments Dancing Guy
When We Were Young Virgil Hawkins
1990 Jacob's Ladder Frank
Hammer, Slammer, & Slade Jack Spade
1991 Eyes of a Witness Mchumbo
1993 Empty Cradle Detective Knoll
1994 Color of Night Anderson
Drop Squad Bruford Jamison Jr
1996 Rebound: The Legend of Earl "The Goat" Manigault Diego
1999 Mind Prey Lucas Davenport
2002 One Hour Photo Det. James Van Der Zee
Crazy as Hell Barnett
2003 Biker Boyz Tariq 'Slick Will'
2005 The Seat Filler Alonso Grant
Inside Out Doctor Peoples
Conviction Peter Seidman
2006 Johnny Was Julius
2009 Relative Stranger Walter Clemons
MegaFault Charley 'Boomer' Baxter
2017 Logan Will Munson


Year Title Role
1986 Spenser: For Hire Jeffrey Miller
One Life to Live Mike Rivers
ABC Afterschool Special Charlie
1987 Another World Charles Thompson
Vietnam War Story K.C.
Leg Work Goro Asato
1988 Knightwatch Derek D.
1989 Gideon Oliver Ezra
1990 B.L. Stryker Mark Hastings Jr
A Different World Prof. Paul Mann
1991 L.A. Law Kenny Webster
Screenplay Eric
1992 Quantum Leap Bobby Lee
The Human Factor Michael Stoven
1994 Under Suspicion Det. LeBlanc
1994–2002, 2009 ER Dr Peter Benton
1998 Adventures from the Book of Virtues King Menelaus
The Larry Sanders Show Himself
2003 The Twilight Zone Ray Ellison
The System Andrew Evans
2006 Without a Trace Aaron Gibbs
2010 24 UN Secretary General
Covert Affairs Christopher McAuley
2011 How to Make It in America Everton Thompson
2011–2012 A Gifted Man Evan 'E-Mo' Morris
2012 Blackout George Lumas
2013 We Need Help Police Officer
2014, 2015 Under the Dome Hektor Martin







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