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Here is a list of all movies by American actor Angus Cloud.

 Angus Cloud Hickey, born on July 10, 1998, and tragically departing on July 31, 2023, was a talented American actor whose brief but impactful career left a lasting impression on audiences. He gained widespread recognition for his standout portrayal of Fezco in the HBO drama series "Euphoria," which aired from 2019 to 2022. In this compelling and gritty series, Hickey brought depth and authenticity to his character, showcasing his acting prowess and leaving an indelible mark on the show.

In addition to his notable role in "Euphoria," Conor Angus Cloud Hickey made appearances in independent films, including "North Hollywood" in 2021 and "The Line" in 2023. Despite his relatively short time in the spotlight, Hickey's performances resonated with viewers, demonstrating his ability to captivate audiences across various genres.

Beyond his contributions to the screen, Conor Angus Cloud Hickey left his mark in the world of music videos, having appeared in visual storytelling for artists such as Noah Cyrus, Juice Wrld, Becky G, and Karol G. His on-screen charisma and versatile talent showcased his ability to bring characters to life in both television and the world of music.

The untimely loss of Conor Angus Cloud Hickey in 2023 was felt deeply by the entertainment industry and his fans, leaving behind a legacy of impactful performances that will be remembered and celebrated for years to come.



Angus Cloud All Movies List

Year Title Role
2021 North Hollywood Walker
2023 The Line Robert DeWitt
Your Lucky Day Sterling
2024 Freaky Tales Travis



Year Title Role
2019–2022 Euphoria Fezco
2019 The Perfect Woman Himself


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