List Of Most Populated Cities In 2022

Team Anfotimes 01 Jan 2023 03:35 pm
Here is the list of most populated cities in 2022

Populated Cities In 2022

The largest city by population using the definition of metropolitan area, a loose term referring to the metropolitan area and its major commuting areas, is Tokyo.

Check out the complete list below.

S.No Cities Population
1. Tokyo 37.27 M
2. Delhi 32.06 M
3. Shanghai 28.51 M
4. Dhaka 22.47 M
5. Sao Paulo 22.43 M
6. Mexico City 22.08 M
7. Cairo 21.75 M
8. Beijing 21.33 M
9. Mumbai  20.96 M
10. Osaka 19.05 M


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