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Here is a list of all movies by Australian actor Sam Worthington

Samuel Henry John Worthington, born on August 2, 1976, is a distinguished Australian actor renowned for his diverse roles in both film and television. While he has played a wide range of characters, he is perhaps best known for portraying Jake Sully in James Cameron's groundbreaking "Avatar" franchise, a role that catapulted him to international stardom. Additionally, he portrayed Marcus Wright in "Terminator Salvation" and Perseus in the epic films "Clash of the Titans" and its sequel "Wrath of the Titans."

Worthington has consistently demonstrated his versatility as an actor by taking on various dramatic roles. He showcased his acting prowess in films like "The Debt" (2010), "Everest" (2015), "Hacksaw Ridge" (2016), "The Shack" (2017), "Manhunt: Unabomber" (2017), and "Fractured" (2019). His performances have been widely appreciated in these diverse and challenging roles.

In the realm of television, Samuel Worthington has also made a mark. He appeared in his native Australia as Howard in the critically acclaimed series "Love My Way." Additionally, he portrayed Phillip Schuler in the television drama mini-series "Deadline Gallipoli," where he also served as an executive producer. His contributions to television have further solidified his reputation as a talented and multifaceted actor.

Worthington's talents extend beyond traditional acting roles. He lent his voice to Captain Alex Mason, the protagonist in the popular video game "Call of Duty: Black Ops" (2010), and continued to voice the character in its sequels, "Call of Duty: Black Ops II" (2012) and "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" (2018), showcasing his skills in the world of gaming.

In 2022, Samuel Worthington continued to captivate audiences with his performance in the true crime miniseries "Under the Banner of Heaven." His dedication to his craft, along with his ability to tackle a diverse range of characters and genres, has firmly established him as a prominent figure in the world of entertainment. In recognition of his exceptional talents, he received Australia's highest film award in 2004 for his lead role in "Somersault." Samuel Worthington's contributions to the entertainment industry continue to be celebrated both in his home country and around the world.


Sam Worthington All Movies List

Year Title Role
2000 Bootmen Mitchell Okden
2001 A Matter of Life Our Hero
2002 Hart's War Corporal B.J. "Depot" Guidry
Dirty Deeds Darcy Ryan
2003 Gettin' Square Barry "Wattsy" Wirth
2004 Enzo -
Somersault Joe
Thunderstruck Ronnie
2005 The Great Raid Private First Class Lucas
Fink! Able
2006 Macbeth Lord Macbeth
2007 Rogue Neil Kelly
2009 Terminator Salvation Marcus Wright
Avatar Jake Sully / Tom Sully
2010 Clash of the Titans Perseus
Last Night Michael Reed
Love & Distrust Miles
The Debt Young David Peretz
2011 Texas Killing Fields Detective Mike Souder
2012 Man on a Ledge Nick Cassidy
Wrath of the Titans Perseus
2013 Drift J.B.
2014 Sabotage DEA Agent James "Monster" Murray
Cake Roy Collins
The Keeping Room Moses
2015 Paper Planes Jack Webber
Kidnapping Freddy Heineken Willem Holleeder
Everest Guy Cotter
2016 Hacksaw Ridge Captain Jack Glover
2017 The Shack Mack Philips
The Hunter's Prayer Stephen Lucas
2018 The Titan Rick Janssen
2019 Fractured Ray Monroe
2021 Lansky David Stone
The Last Son Isaac Lemay
2022 9 Bullets Jack
Avatar: The Way of Water Jake Sully
2023 Transfusion Ryan Logan
Simulant Kessler
2024 Lift *  
Horizon: An American Saga*   
2025 Avatar 3 * Jake Sully
2029 Avatar 4 *
2031 Avatar 5 *
TBA Alphas * TBA
Breathe * Lucas
The Georgetown Project * Joe
Relay *  



Year Title Role
2000 JAG Dunsmore
Water Rats Phillip Champion
Blue Heelers Shane Donovan
2004 Love My Way Howard Light
2005 The Surgeon Dr. Sam Dash
2006 Two Twisted Gus Rogers
2015 Deadline Gallipoli Phillip Schuler
2017 Manhunt: Unabomber Jim Fitzgerald
2021 Fires Glen Findlay
2022 Under the Banner of Heaven Ron Lafferty


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