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Here is a list of all movies by Indian actor Sai Dharam Tej

Sai Dharam Tej is an Indian actor who primarily works in the Telugu film industry. He was born on October 15, 1986, in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Sai Dharam Tej is from the renowned Chiranjeevi family, as he is the nephew of popular actors Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan.

Sai Dharam Tej made his acting debut with the film "Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham" in 2014, which was directed by AS Ravi Kumar Chowdary. The film was a commercial success, and Sai Dharam Tej received positive reviews for his performance, marking a promising start to his acting career.

Following his debut, Sai Dharam Tej appeared in several Telugu films. Some of his notable films include "Subramanyam for Sale" (2015), "Supreme" (2016), "Winner" (2017), and "Chitralahari" (2019). He has showcased his talent in both commercial and romantic roles, and his energetic performances have been appreciated by the audience.

Sai Dharam Tej has also been involved in philanthropic activities. In 2015, he adopted two villages, which he named Siddhapuram and Gangadevipalli, and took initiatives to improve the living conditions in those areas.

Though he faced a minor setback with a few films not performing well at the box office, Sai Dharam Tej made a successful comeback with the film "Prati Roju Pandage" (2019), directed by Maruthi. The film was a commercial success and received positive reviews, with Sai Dharam Tej's performance being widely appreciated.

Sai Dharam Tej is known for his charismatic screen presence and dancing skills. He has a dedicated fan following, particularly among the younger audience.

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Sai Dharam Tej continues to work on various projects in the Telugu film industry. With his talent, dedication, and family background in the film industry, he remains an important figure in Tollywood.


Sai Dharam Tej All Movies List

Year Title Role
2014 Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham Srinu
2015 Rey Rock
Subramanyam for Sale Subramanyam
2016 Supreme Balu
Thikka Aditya
2017 Winner Siddharth "Siddu" Reddy
Nakshatram Alexander IPS
Jawaan Jai
2018 Inttelligent Dharma Teja / Dharma Bhai
Tej I Love You Tej
2019 Chitralahari Vijay Krishna
Prati Roju Pandage Sai Tej
2020 Solo Brathuke So Better Virat
2021 Republic Panja Abhiram IAS
2023 Virupaksha Surya
Bro * Markandeyulu "Mark"



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