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Here is a list of all movies by Indian film director Prasanth Varma

Prasanth Varma, a prominent Indian film director and screenwriter in Telugu cinema, has carved a distinctive niche for himself through his impactful and unconventional storytelling. His journey in the film industry began in 2011 with the directorial debut of the short film "Deenamma Jeevitham." Following this, he directed advertisement films and notable short films like "A Silent Melody" (2014) and "Dialogue in the Dark" (2017), showcasing his versatility.

In 2015, Varma expanded his horizons by directing the five-episode web series "Not Out," featuring cricket legend Brian Lara. His influences include renowned filmmakers like Singeetam Srinivasa Rao, Christopher Nolan, K. Viswanath, and Mani Ratnam, reflecting a diverse range of inspirations in his work.

The turning point in Prasanth Varma's career came with his feature film debut, "Awe" (2018), a psychological cross-genre film that garnered critical acclaim. Despite facing production issues and creative differences with his initial directorial debut "That is Mahalakshmi," Varma's unique storytelling in "Awe" marked a breakthrough. The film, dealing with psychological and social issues such as child abuse, sexual abuse, and drug abuse, received praise for its subversive narrative.

Following the success of "Awe," Varma continued to make a mark in Telugu cinema with subsequent releases. "Kalki" (2019), starring Rajasekhar, showcased his ability to adapt a web-series format into a feature film successfully. His venture into uncharted territory with "Zombie Reddy" (2021), marketed as Tollywood's first zombie film, received positive reviews and achieved box office success, blending pandemic scenarios, zombies, and faction rivalry in Rayalaseema hilariously.

Prasanth Varma's ambitious projects extend beyond conventional genres. He announced "Hanu-Man" as the first Telugu superhero film, introducing a unique superhero cinematic universe. Additionally, "Adhira," announced in collaboration with D.V.V. Danayya's son, Kalyan Dasari, adds to the superhero cinematic universe, emphasizing Varma's commitment to pushing creative boundaries and delivering engaging storytelling in Telugu cinema.


Prasanth Varma All Movies List

Year Film Director Screenplay Story
2018 Awe Yes Yes Yes
2019 Kalki Yes Yes No
2021 Zombie Reddy Yes Yes Yes
Adbhutham No No Yes
2024 Hanu Man* Yes Yes Yes
TBA Adhira* Yes Yes Yes
TBA That Is Mahalakshmi* Yes Yes No


Other works

Year Film Notes
2011 Deenamma Jeevitham directorial debut
2014 A Silent Melody  
2015 Not Out YuppTV series
2017 Dialogue in the Dark


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