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Here is a list of all movies by Indian actor Nav Bajwa

Nav Bajwa, born on September 26, 1989, is a multifaceted talent in the Punjabi entertainment industry. Hailing from Punjab, India, he has made a name for himself as a film actor, director, writer, singer, and even as a pilot. Nav Bajwa's journey in the world of entertainment has been nothing short of remarkable.

In 2007, Nav Bajwa emerged as a winner in the dance show "Aja Nach Le" on MH1, showcasing his early talent and passion for the performing arts. However, his real breakthrough came when he made his acting debut in the Punjabi film "Pure Punjabi" in 2012. This marked the beginning of his career as an actor, and he quickly made a mark in the Punjabi film industry.

One of Nav Bajwa's notable achievements is his role as the lead actor in 12 movies. His acting skills and versatile performances have endeared him to audiences and have helped him establish himself as a prominent figure in Pollywood (the Punjabi film industry).

Not content with just being an actor, Nav Bajwa ventured into directing with his debut film, "Raduaa," which was released in 2018. This transition into filmmaking showcases his creative prowess and his commitment to expanding his horizons within the entertainment world.

In addition to his contributions to Punjabi cinema, Nav Bajwa has also explored his musical talents. He made his singing debut with the track "Badmashi" in 2019, featuring music by DJ FLOW. This foray into music added another dimension to his already diverse artistic career.


Nav Bajwa All Movies List

Year Movie Role Language
2012 Pure Punjabi VJ Punjabi
2013 Sadi Gali Aya Karo Bhupinder Singh Punjabi
2013 Hashi Kannar Iti Kotha Rahul Bengali
2014 Fateh Fateh Punjabi
2015 The Mastermind Jinda Sukha Harjinder Singh Jinda Punjabi
2016 Kuknoos Karman Punjabi
2017 Kirdar E Sardar Fateh Punjabi
2018 Raduaa Starring and directing Punjabi
2019 Ishqaa Rajdeep Punjabi
2019 Kitty Party Sunny Punjabi


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