List Of All Chirashree Anchan Movies

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Here is a list of all movies by Indian actress Chirashree Anchan

Chirashree Anchan is a versatile Indian actress who has showcased her talent in a variety of regional film industries, including Tulu, Kannada, Telugu, and Tamil cinema. Her journey in the world of entertainment began with her debut in the Tulu film "Pavithra" in 2016. This film resonated with the audience and performed well at the box office, setting a promising start to her acting career.

Following her successful debut, Chirashree went on to act in "Rambarooti" (2016), directed by Prajwal Kumar Attavar. Her versatility and acting prowess soon caught the attention of filmmakers in multiple languages. She secured roles in Telugu and Kannada films, starring in "Aame Athadaithe" (2016) and "Kalpana 2" (2016), respectively.

Chirashree continued to make her presence felt in the industry with notable appearances in films like "Huliraaya" (2017), directed by Aravind Kaushik, and "Udumba," adding to her repertoire of Kannada cinema. She also ventured into Tamil cinema with her debut in "Aghavan."


Chirashree Anchan All Movies List

Year Movie Director Language
2016 Pavithra Naga Venkatesh Tulu
2016 Rambarooti Preethi Prajwal Kumar Tulu
2016 Kalpana 2 R. Anatha Raju Kannada
2017 Aame Athadaithe Surya Narayan Telugu
2017 Huliraaya Malli Aravind Kaushik Kannada
2018 Shivana Paada   Kannada
2018 Karne   Tulu
2018 Karikambaliyalli Midinaaga   Kannada
2019 Udumba   Kannada
2019 Aghavan   Tamil
2019 Aapina Matha Yeddege   Tulu
2020 Kaliveera Aviram Kannada
2022 Inamdar Sandesh Shetty Kannada
2022 Deal Sunee Tulu


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