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Here is a list of all movies by Indian actor Babbu Maan

Tejinder Singh "Babbu" Maan, born on March 29, 1975, is a multifaceted Indian artist known for his contributions as a singer-songwriter, music director, actor, and film producer. His extensive body of work primarily revolves around Punjabi music and films, making him one of the most prominent figures in the Punjabi entertainment industry.

Babbu Maan made his debut in the world of acting with a supporting role in the 2003 film "Hawayein." The movie was based on the tragic events of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. Despite being banned in India, "Hawayein" found success on the international stage, reflecting the powerful impact of its narrative.

In 2006, Babbu Maan transitioned into the role of the main lead in Punjabi cinema with "Rabb Ne Banaiyan Jodiean." Although faced with certain challenges during the production and the film's outcome, Maan persevered and returned to the spotlight in 2008 with "Hashar: A Love Story." His dedication to storytelling and performance was evident, and this film marked a turning point in his acting career.

Not limiting himself to acting, Babbu Maan has also ventured into writing, producing, and starring in his own films. Some of his notable works include "Ekam," "Hero Hitler in Love," and "Desi Romeos." He is also a partner in Maan Films Pvt. Ltd, showcasing his commitment to the world of cinema.

In 2010, Babbu Maan took a significant step by constructing a film set named Ishqpura in his native village, emphasizing his deep-rooted connection to his cultural heritage. This set has since been used for various film productions.In 2018, Babbu Maan furthered his acting career with the film "Banjara," a narrative based on the lives of truck drivers. His versatility and dedication as an artist continue to make him a revered figure in the world of Punjabi music and cinema.



Babbu Maan All Movies List

Year Film Actor Producer Singer Music Director Lyricist screenWriter Notes
2003 Khel – No Ordinary Game     Yes   Yes   Bollywood
2003 Hawayein Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   Debut Hindi/Punjabi film
2006 Rabb Ne Banaiyan Jodiean Yes   Yes Yes Yes   Punjabi
2007 Waagah     Yes   Yes   Punjabi
2008 Hashar : A Love Story Yes Yes Yes Yes     Punjabi
2009 Vaada Raha     Yes Yes Yes   Bollywood
2010 Ekam – Son of Soil Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Punjabi
2010 Crook     Yes   Yes   Bollywood
2011 Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster     Yes   Yes   Bollywood
2011 Hero Hitler in Love Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Punjabi
2012 Desi Romeos Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Punjabi
2012 Dil Tainu Karda Hai Pyar   Yes   No     Punjabi
2014 Baaz Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes   Punjabi
2016 31st October     Yes       Bollywood
2018 Banjara Yes   Yes Yes Yes   Punjabi
2022 Sucha Soorma Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Punjabi 


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