Bigg Boss OTT Hindi Full Series Available To Watch Online On OTT Platform Jio Cinema

Team Anfotimes 31 Jul 2023 07:50 am
Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 Full Show streamed on 17th June, 2023 on Jio Cinema. It is a Hindi language comedy drama And Reality show, S2 of the show has 45 episodes and is hosted by Salman Khan.


Pooja Bhatt (Actress)  Abhishek Malhan (YouTuber) Puneet Kumar (YouTuber) Akanksha Puri (Film Actress) Avinash Sachdev (Tv Actor) Aaliya Siddiqui (Theatre Actress) Bebika Dhurve (Tv Actress) Falaq Naaz (Tv Actress) Jad Hadid (International Model) Jiya Shankar (Tv Actress) ManishaRani (Social media Influencer) Palak Purswan (Tv Actress) Cyrus Broacha (Comedian and Tv Anchor) 

Wild Cards Contestant:
Elvish Yadav (YouTuber) Aashika Bhatia (Actress)

Watch All Episodes Online On Jio Cinemas We Will Provide All Episodes Link Once The Show is Released On the Online Platform.

All Episodes Link 

Watch it 24 Hour Live On Jio Cinema

Episode 1: Grand Premiere (17th June 2023)

Episode 2: Puneet Ka Bigg Drama (18th June 2023)

Episode 3: Will Housemates Save Palak? (19th June 2023)

Episode 4: First Nomination (20th June 2023)

Episode 5: Ghar Ka 1st Captain (21st June 2023)

Episode 6: Kaun Jayega Jail? (22nd June 2023)

Episode 7: Ghar Mei Macha Bawaal (23rd June 2023)

Episode 8: Salman Ka Vaar (24th June 2023)

Episode 9: Jad In BB Verse (25th June 2023)

Episode 10: Nomination Mei Intense Drama! BB Verse (26th June 2023)

Episode 11: "Watch Your Language" (27th June 2023)

Episode 12: Break Rule, Get Punished (28th June 2023)

Episode 13: Kya Abhishek Hai Badtameez (29th June 2023)

Episode 14: Hottest Lip Lock Ever! (30th June 2023)

Episode 15: Salman Schools Jad (1st July 2023)

Episode 16: Star-Studded Weekend Ka Vaar (2nd July 2023)

Episode 17: Jiya Rejected! (3rd July 2023)

Episode 18: War of Words (4th July 2023)

Episode 19: Captaincy At Risk! (5th July 2023)

Episode 20: Guilty Ya Nahi? (6th July 2023)

Episode 21: Pooja Par Ilzaam (7th July 2023)

Episode 22: Salman Ka Vaar (8th July 2023)

Episode 23: A New War In The House? (9th July 2023)

Episode 24: Rift Between Jiya-Avi? (10th July 2023)

Episode 25: Falaq's Ultimate Sacrifice (11th July 2023)

Episode 26: Pyaar Ki Paathshala? (12th July 2023)

Episode 27: New Faces, New Twists (13th July 2023)

Episode 28: Pooja And Jiya's Bigg Face-off! (14th July 2023)

Episode 29: Weekend Dhamal With Krushna (15th July 2023)

Episode 30: Love, Dosti Etc! (16th July 2023)

Episode 31: Task Ya Taunting Match? (17th July 2023)

Episode 32: Nomination Special (18th July 2023)

Episode 33: Jiya vs Elvish (19th July 2023)

Episode 34: Secret Task Alert! (20th July 2023)

Episode 35: Captaincy Task Turns Volatile! (21st July 2023)

Episode 36: Kispe Hoga Aaj Salman Ka Vaar? (22nd July 2023)

Episode 37: Kiske Efforts Hai Sabse Kam? (23rd July 2023)

Episode 38: Task Mei Nikla Kiska Devil Roop? (24th July 2023)

Episode 39: Captain Pooja Has A Special Power (25th July 2023)

Episode 40: I"m Into Sharif Boys (26th July 2023)

Episode 41: The War Is On For Ticket To Finale (27th July 2023)

Episode 42: Manisha and Pooja,s Bigg Showdown! (28th July 2023)

Episode 43: Salman Ka Hoga Kis Par Vaar? (29th July 2023)

Episode 43: Salman Ka Hoga Kis Par Vaar? (29th July 2023)

Episode 44: Gharwalon Ki Journey Huyi Difficult (30th July 2023)


Links for more episodes will be added once they are streamed on online platforms.

Bigg Boss OTT is available to watch online in 1080p, 720p, 480p, and 360p quality.

Bigg Boss OTT Details

Release Date: 17 Jun 2023
Language: Hindi
Country: India
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Realty Show
Platform: Jio Cinema


It is the second season of the Indian reality digital series Bigg Boss. This season also features some of the biggest characters from a variety of backgrounds. The show will reportedly feature many distinguished influencers, and the makers of the show have promised to double the entertainment and drama this season.

Jio Cinema is the official digital partner of the Show. Subscription is the only legal way to watch the web show. You can also download full web programs from various sites but we do not support piracy.

Disclaimer: Piracy of any original material is a criminal offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. We strongly oppose piracy. We neither endorse nor promote any torrent / piracy website. Always use Theater or OTT platform to watch Movies or Web series.

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